Municipal Business Functions

MIMS notes that while we have provided a comprehensive overview of  standard range of Municipal business functions, Municipalities should recognize that their GIS needs and implementaiton plans need to reflect their organizations specific activities and operational requirements.


Municipalities generally encompass the areas of responsibilities that provide specific management services in the areas of accounting, general, administration, information management and council support

Council Support

Municipal Business function components;

    • councillor correspondence and individual support
    • elections, enumeration
    • electoral boundaries
    • bylaw procedures and regulaitons
    • meeting coordination, agenda and reporting

Financial Services and Administration

Municipal Business function components;

    • tax base administration – Assesments, Business Occupancy
    • tax rate determination
    • accounting, payroll, procurement, cash management
    • area rate determination, service charges, capital levies
    • billing, rrevenue collection, tax sales
    • capital budgeting, asset and debt management
    • customer service

Corporate Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • systems administration – computer network maintenance, installations and security
    • database management
    • applications develoment, maintenance, support and training
    • human resources and labour relations
    • legal services, contracts and litgation


Municipality protective services include police and fire departments and public sfety based inspection operations and bylaw enforcement

Law Enforcement Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • policing and law enforcement
    • dispatching
    • RCMP liaison, including links to national criminal databases
    • parking meter enforcement and collection
    • investigations
    • Motor Vehicle act enforcement
    • traffic accident reporting
    • special event routing
    • crime reporting and statistic measurments

Fire Protection Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • fire and accident management
    • emergency routing
    • hydrant management and flow mapping
    • sprinkler system inventory
    • hazardous sites and materials inventory

Inspecction Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • building inspections
    • plumbing inspections
    • electrical inspections
    • sub-division inspections
    • fire inspiections

Bylaw Enforecment Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • animal control
    • illigal dump site investigaiton and tracking
    • premise investigations and tracking


Municipality engineering related services including roads, water, water, sewer and solid waste managment, street designations, civic numbering and coordination of building permits.

Transportation Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • snow removal
    • transit
    • traffic engineering
    • pot hole management
    • signs
    • parking meters and stalls

Public Works Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • operation and maintenance of water distribution system infrastructure – supply, transmission, distribution, treatment, maintenance, and water testing
    • watershed management
    • operation and maintenance of sanitary sewer system infrastructure – collection, treatment, disposal, maintenance
    • operation and maintenance of storm sewer system infrastructure
    • garbage collection and transfer
    • recycling, composting and lanfill facilities management
    • building maintenance

Civic Addressing – E 911 Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • civic number assignment and database maintenance
    • information exchange E911, police, fire, ambulance
    • street names and changes
    • maintenance of community boundaries, service area and emergency responder area boundaries

Engineering  Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • engineering designs for utilities, road upgrades and
    • utility coordination Telus, Alta Gas etc
    • subdivision plan review

Building Permits Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • permit processing and tracking
    • subdivisions
    • environmental approvals
    • Municipal service approvals
    • report preperations- statistics canada, CHMC,


Municipality regulates and the administrative aspects of land use plans, strategies and bylaws.

Land Use Planning Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • Municipal planning strategy preperation and amendments
    • land use bylaw administration and regulation
    • zoning confirmation
    • rezonning and variances
    • site plans
    • special projects
    • mapping, reports and area profiles

Development Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • subdivision applications
    • variances and special building permits
    • development agrrements
    • development permits


Municipality recreation and related administration of parks, open space, heritage and cultural resources

Recreation Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • recreational master planning
    • site planningspecial event coordination
    • recreation facilities management
    • trail sytems planning and administration
    • recreation land use planning
    • community liason

Parks Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • parks planning
    • natural system studies and interpretation
    • sports field permits and bookings

Heritage and Cultural Services

Municipal Business function components;

    • museum collection managemnt
    • heritage sites supervision and inventory
    • heritage properties registrations
    • heritage district planning
    • heritage archeology studies and administration