MIMS digital records vault objective is to provide Municipalities with the long-term management (developing, updating, maintaining, storage and distribution) of digital mapping “data sets” which collectively make up Alberta’s rural and regional digital mapping infrastructure.

MIMS defines the initiative and the stewardship role in which MIMS is responsible to enhance and preserve the investment and ownership of municipal assets, and make Alberta’s base mapping infrastructure more available, accessible, accurate and affordable through data sharing agreements and shared hosting, shared resources, upgrading and maintenance.

Municipalities have significant changes in business processes, data re-engineering, legislative reform, new stakeholder partnerships, data maintenance, and enhanced distribution systems have transitioned an expensive tax-payer supported provincial mapping infrastructure into a modern, successful, lower cost, self-sustaining regional initiative.

MIMS is an Alberta registered incoproated business that aims to take over and fund digital mapping activities that were previously undertaken and funded by the Government of Alberta.